The Hoppies

Our story

This site will help you to know more about The Hoppies. This cartoon series is for preschool children, with a non violent content. Our goal is to introduce the Hoppies to the World soon.

So, somewhere in the very center of the World there is a quiet, serine valley, the Hoppies live and work there. Hoppiland is a multicultural town you can find Hoppies with all different nationalities. While everyone is busily running about, the Hoppies making sure that after the busy days there are holidays for everyone. Birthdays, Christmas, carnivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Hanukkah and of course the Year of New Moon - every day there is a holiday somewhere in the World.

So, in every episode The Hoppies are helping to celebrate one holiday. One episode - one holiday. A 13 or 26 series is dealing with holidays from January to December in chronological order.



Topi is one of the protagonists in the series. He's constantly happy, and he always knows what to do, even in the most impossible situations. He loves every holiday, but perhaps birthdays are his favorites, because every day there is a few of those. His grandpa, the Magician gave him the old magic wand of the Hoppies that always gets him out of trouble.